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SKDB and Reactive Databases With Julien Verlaguet

SKDB and Reactive Databases With Julien Verlaguet

Julien Verlaguet is the founder of SkipLabs. He joined me to discuss reactive programming, distributed storage, and edge databases.

I recently talked with Julien Verlaguet. Julien is the founder of SkipLabs, a company building infrastructure for reactive applications. Before SkipLabs, Julien spent 9 years at Facebook, where he was a tech lead for Hack and Skiplang.

In this interview, we discuss SkipLabs's foundational components: SKDB, SkipStorage, and Skiplang. SKDB is built as a reactive database that features performant materialized views, diffing between databases, and streaming via ephemeral tables. SkipStorage and Skiplang serve as building blocks for SKDB.

By the time you hear this, SkipLabs will have launched, so I invite you to check and for more details. In the meantime, please enjoy the following conversation with Julien.

Oh, and one final note: I apologize for the tin-can sound from my microphone. Since this recording, I've purchased a better mic, and future recordings will have better audio.

Note: I am investor in WarpStream [$], which I mention in this podcast.


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